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The Earth is spinning. In today’s technologically fast and fancy age, it seems like the Earth is spinning faster than ever. Communication is instant, and speed surrounds every aspect of society. Undoubtedly, these advances come from the creative minds of passionate, technically-driven individuals.
Workouts are evolving almost as quickly as technology. The same Internet and speed-obsessed culture has created new and intriguing exercises. Some have been around for a long time and are finding their way back to modern culture like kettebells and block training. Olympic lifts are making a huge comeback thanks to the diversity of Crossfit style training.
Exercise needs to adapt to the ever-changing culture. Remember, there is no harm in training with traditional methods. Beginning a workout routine, in which you lift weights consistently while continuing to increase weight and push yourself to do more, will always yield positive, worthwhile results. However, with the enormous opportunity for creative and fun workouts at your disposal, the excuses for avoiding fitness seem to be fleeting. You don’t like running on a treadmill? Try Zumba. Can’t dance? Try Pilates. Keep going until you find your comfort zone.

Workouts should be creative, not repetitive. Don’t confuse “repetition” with “consistency”. Repeating workouts is a must, and this is what consistency is all about. Workouts should not be repeated in vain. Your mind will grow complacent, and more importantly, your body and muscles will plateau if you continually work the same muscles groups with the same exercises. Don’t dread working out. If you do, you need to explore the vast array of options for your fitness routines. Personal trainers can keep your workouts fun and creative. If they don’t, talk to them about switching things up. If you enjoy training on your own, attend various classes at your gym. Pick and choose what feels best to you.



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