The Fitness Competition…

I recently attended Fort McMurray’s first fitness competition, the Keane Classic. As a former O.P.A. Judge I am always nervous about what I’ll find at new amateur events. I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. The show was well organized and well judged. The men & women that took the stage obviously trained hard to bring their A games.

There were a few small glitches but far less than I expected. I think that is due to the Keane Teams experience in the field and great enthusiasm and energy. Most competitors carried themselves with class. A few would do well to comport themselves with more decorum in the future lest they build a reputation they cannot escape from.

As a trainer of 26 years I know in my heart and head that contesting with its extreme dieting, water and salt deprivation and substance abuse inherently goes against everything I teach my clients about balance and long term success. Yet people from all walks of life compete including trainers. Why?

Because we can… The human race and athletes in particular have always been about what is possible. Stretching the boundaries of our limitations. It has put us at the top of the food chain and has led us to explore every nook of our planet and beyond. It lead us to the discovery of cross striations in muscle fibers. Something I had the pleasure to witness back in the dark ages of training . It has also led to things like the collapse of Albert Beckles while onstage from kidney failure due to diuretic use.

Watching the show here rekindled my interest in training athletes for these types of shows. The transition is an amazing thing to witness firsthand and to see them hoist their trophy with that amazing smile on their face is priceless. I now have the pleasure of helping three young ladies train for their respective battles. One pro level and two amateur. I can’t wait to see how the journey progresses.







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