My life in pictures. Life is a series of snapshots to help you remember moments…





California/Oregon BorderThe Redwood HWY 2013 Napa Valley 2013 Napa 2013 Route 66 Fishermans Wharf, San Fran San Fran @ Ruth Chris Golden Gate Bridge2013 The Grand Canyon 2013 Nevada 2013 Salt Lake City 2013 Utah sunset 2013 Utah Border 2013 Idaho Border 2013 Montana Border 2013Golden whitewater2012 Golden whitewater2012 Lake Louise 2012 Banff 2012 Banff 2012 Lake Louise 2012 Golden 2012 Lake Athabasca 2012 Lake Athabasca 2012 Lake Athabasca 2012 Fort Chip 2012 New Boat Our newest addition Tamara T. My new sled. The Winter Road Jasper Park 2010 Jasper Park 2010 Jasper Park 2010 Jasper Park 2010 Jasper 2011 Kevin in Red Rock Leafs forever! Canada wins Gold! Edmonton Edmonton Whyte Ave IMG_5901 IMG_5880 Brodie 2013 Brodie 2013 IMG_5484 IMG_5477 418247_10151392222180644_733610643_23781171_478379305_n 385034_10151149500720644_733610643_22962227_888344238_n IMG_5131 Bob Harper & I 2011 St Paddys Day 2013 IMG_1990 IMG_1252 IMG_0990 _Snapseed IMG_0496 IMG_0178 IMG_0248 Our Lady Peace Shyla&BobHarper2011 IMG_8166 IMG_8051 Dwight Yokum IMG_6530 IMG_6529 Charlie Major IMG_6503 Bare Naked Ladies Dierks Bentley Paul Brandt IMG_1727 IMG_1665 Calgary 2013 IMG_2731 My bestie of 30 years My new quad. IMG_0117 Sarstock Toronto ShirleyGeorge MaryAnn & I ShirleyTerri2 Shyla 2013 Shyla 2013 Shyla 2012 Shyla 2013 Shyla 2011 images-9 Scanned Image 131600002 Liz Warrior BBQ & Boat Peaceful IMG_1819 Calgary 2009 My baby girl :) Fall hunting Thunder Bay 2008 Marathon Training 2008 Calgary Zoo 2009 Banff 2009 Red Rock IMG_1791 Calgary 2013 cropped-img_6499.jpg My new logo :) What's with all the toys? Eerily beautiful. <3 Creepy company... The stormchasers. Athabasca River sunset 2013 Sunset on the Athabasca The last hour of light. Love my life :) That's a BIG fish! My first big Laker! Athabasca Sand Dunes The storms aftermath. A beach to remember. Holy Mud! A curious bear


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